Bubble Journey


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Bubble Journey is a fun skill-based game where you have to combine colorful balls to get as many points as you can. If you enjoy playing the classic version of Bubble Shooter or want to try this kind of game for the first time, this app will keep you busy for hours.

The interface and graphics in Bubble Journey are very simple and colorful, so you'll have a blast playing in this fun and visually appealing world. The gameplay is the same as in any bubble shooter. Just aim your shooter and try to place each ball next to other balls of the same color. The difficulty of the game lies in the fact that you have to get three or more balls of the same color together, and sometimes it's not as easy as it seems. The more mistakes you make by putting balls in places they don't belong, the more space will be taken up on the screen. If you cross the line, you'll lose and you'll you'll have to start all over again.

This game has a ton of levels in different worlds that you can unlock. You'll have to play smart as you make your way through the worlds, since the levels will only get more complicated as you go. Do you think you can make it to the end? Give it a try!